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                  Invitation to submit to the World of Photonics Congress
                  Have you recently finalized your research work? Have you made important discoveries that you would like to present to and share with other experts from all over the world as soon as possible?
                  Then benefit of the last-chance opportunity to hold a talk at the World of Photonics Congress!
                  Submit your abstract to EOS Optical Technologies conferencesby 21 March at
                  EOS Optical Technologies include the conferences on:
                  -  https://www.europeanoptics.org/events/eos/mos.html
                  When registering with the European Optical Society (EOS), you will benefit from the member discounted price, and gain access to the whole World of Photonics Congress (with all conferences of all societies) AND the LASER World of Photonics Exhibition (leading PHOTONICS exhibition in Europe).

                  Register as participant here:
                  We look forward to seeing you at the EOS Optical Technologies Conferences in Munich!
                                        EOS Optical Technologies Organizing Committee
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